Tree Removal

Active Arbor offers a range of tree removal services carried out by our highly professional and experienced team of arborists. We offer tree removal for any residential and commercial area. Contact us now for a free quote!

Trees can pose a hazardous risk if they grow unevenly or are obstructive, which is why in certain situations tree removal is necessary. While most people realise a tree is hazardous when it is too late, it is highly suggested to take preventative actions. Book with us a free tree assessment to determine whether your tree could be hanging unevenly and could potentially become hazardous. Our tree removal process always begins with a free and formal tree assessment with one of our experienced arborists. This is a crucial step of the process as each tree is unique and requires different tools and strategies to remove. If your tree is deemed hazardous and requires immediate removal, you can rest assured knowing you will be prioritised as we offer 24/7 emergency tree removal services. During this assessment, you will be informed of the strategy that will be used to remove this tree and the estimated time frame. You will also be informed on council policy for tree removal and if will need to obtain council approval depending on its size, location and tree type. We also offer free Tree Assessment Reports which can be submitted to your local council for approval.

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On the day of the tree removal our team will set up and our lead arborist will secure his lines and scale the tree. A chainsaw will then be used to dismantle the tree branch by branch, which are lowered using ropes and the help of the crew on the ground. Branches will then be mulched using a woodchipper and remaining green waste is removed from the property. Each tree differs in size and width, how the arborist will remove the trunk will be dependent on this. After the removal of the tree, ground crew will conduct a sweep of the area and ensure it is left in a neat and orderly condition. If you would like to keep some fresh mulch for your garden – speak to our friendly arborist about this during your quote!

We understand that tree removal can be nerve wrecking, so feel free to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have.